Monday, 14 March 2011

Game Developers Conference 2k11

So GDC have ended a weak or two ago, lost of new cool stuff was shown there but one game stands out so much that i keep thinking about it over and over again. HAVE YOU SEEN NEW ALICE TRAILER?! God dammit that game looks so freaking awesome and scary. Well and if you haven't seen Alice'es new trailer here it is:

So guys what was your favorite announcement/news/trailer/etc at GCD? Anyone Else thinks that Alice gonna be game of year of 2011? Let me know post in the comments.


  1. Hadn't even heard of it till now!
    Thanks for sharing man!
    Following! follow me back :D

  2. The first alice game was pretty cool, but this one will be better!

  3. alice!! looks good cant wait